Mission and Objectives


The mission of the museum is to provide visitors with in-depth knowledge of Seoul City on all levels - historical, cultural, etc. - through interesting and meaningful exhibitions, activities, and events.

Characteristics of the Museum


MI (Museum Identity)

Symbol mark and Korean logo of SEOUL MUSEUM OF HISTORY

The emblem of the Seoul Museum of History reflects a contemporary image of Seoul, the capital city of Korea since the Joseon Dynasty, as well as the city's history and culture of 600 years. The shape “ㅅ”represents the mountains surrounding the city, the crescent shape in the middle represents the four gates of the city, and the last figure stands for the Hangang (River) and the Seoul Museum of History. The line stretching out on both sides symbolizes the historicity of the city. Best of all, it naturally links the word “Seoul” in Korean with “museum” in English linguistically. The color red portrays Seoul as an active cultural center, where tradition and modern culture co-exist.

The Korean characters of the logotype demonstrate a contemporary version of an old handwriting style called Seokbosangjeol.