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Special Exhibition

Hanyangdoseong in the Past and Present
Title Hanyangdoseong in the Past and Present
Period 2020-05-19 ~ 2020-08-23
Location Special Exhibition Hall of the Seoul City Wall Museum
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Hanyangdoseong in the Past and Present


Hanyangdoseong in the Past and Present


Since the first repair and restoration project began in 1975, the Hanyangdoseong, Seoul City Wall, underwent many changes. Fallen walls were rebuilt; demolished or lost gates were restored; and sections that were buried underground were newly discovered. While the Hanyangdoseong has always existed close to the people’s everyday lives, it has not always appeared the same.


The fourth exhibition in the Hanyangdoseong from the Records series introduce the near past of the Hanyangdoseong comparing with its present appearance. It will be a chance to learn about the condition of the Hanyangdoseong in the 1960s and the 1970s by examining photographs from this period. Moreover, this exhibition aims to provide an opportunity to inspect the achievements of the repair and restoration projects that have been completed over the years.