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Special Exhibition

Changuimun in Jeong Seon’s Paintings
Title Changuimun in Jeong Seon’s Paintings
Period 2019-09-10 ~ 2019-12-15
Location Special Exhibition Hall of the Seoul City Wall Museum
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Changuimun in Jeong Seon’s Paintings


Changuimun in Jeong Seon’s Paintings

Changuimun (Gate) is located in northwestern section of the Hanyangdoseong, Seoul City Wall, on top of the ridge connecting Baegak (Mountain) and Inwangsan (Mountain). Since Sukjeongmun – the gate to the north of the capital - was always kept closed, Changuimun served as the north entrance of the city. The gate was well maintained after it was reconstructed in 1741, and therefore, it has the oldest gate pavilion among city wall gates built during the Joseon dynasty.
Jeong Seon (1676-1759), one of the most prominent painter in Joseon, painted two versions of “Changuimun” as viewed from inside the city wall at different times in his life. The two pictures show in rich detail the artist’s perspective and also Changuimun’s history. Through the paintings, this exhibition will provide an opportunity to imagine the Changuimun as it was during the Joseon dynasty.



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