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Welcome to the
Seoul Museum of History’s Website

We learn a lot from our travels. We meet unfamiliar landscapes, experience cultures, and enhance our understanding of worlds that are different to ours. And by reflecting on such differences, we come to know ourselves better.

The Seoul Museum of History takes you on a journey— a journey through time, rather than space. It is where you can explore the timeline of Seoul—from its birth to its reputation as a global city—and see what changes it underwent that made it the city as what we know now, and imagine how the city will change in the future.

As evidenced by Eastern classics, history has long been referred to as “mirror” (鑑). Our ancestors believed that history is not only the stories of the past, but also a reflective medium that shows us the present day.

The Seoul Museum of History’s permanent exhibitions show the origins of Seoul, the life of the people in Seoul, and the changes of Seoul into modern society. Various donated relics that tell us the history and culture of Seoul are also on display. Moreover, there are various experience programs and cultural events for both children and families alike.

The Seoul Museum of History preserves the history and memories of Seoul, shares them with modern visitors, and passes them to future generations. We hope you visit the Seoul Museum of History to nurture your affection for Seoul, broaden your understanding, and cultivate future visions. Thank you.

Director of the Seoul Museum of History