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1st Floor


1F - There are stairs in front of the entrance, and to the left are restrooms (men’s/women’s/accessible), 1. Lobby Exhibition, 2. Special Exhibition Halls A & B, 3. Learning Room for Children, 7. Auditorium, 8. Learning Room, Lactation Room, Lounge, etc. To the right of the entrance are the information center, restrooms (men’s/women’s), 4. Museum Shop, 5. Seoul History Library, 9. Courtyard Rest Area, 10. Conservation Science Division, 6. Donated Relic Exhibition Hall, etc.
  • 1Lobby Exhibition

    Available to the public, the lobby is a space that features varied and timely feature exhibitions related to Seoul on an ongoing basis.

  • 2Special Exhibition Hall

    The Seoul Museum of History continuously presents themed exhibitions on Seoul’s, past and future, as well as urban identity.

  • 3Learning Room for Children

    Eligibility : Children aged 5–7 years, accompanying guardians
    Opening Hours : Monday–Friday 1 p.m.–6 p.m. (Closed during the educational programs)

  • 4Museum Shop

    The museum’s gift shop offers a wide range of unique and tasteful souvenirs, as well as museum publications and gift certificates that can be redeemed for numerous cultural events in the city.

  • 5Seoul History Library

    The museum’s archives contain data and material from a variety of disciplines, such as Seoul studies (a newly created field of study), museum sciences, history, art history, archaeology, and folklore, and encompass everything from academic dissertations to scholastic journals.

  • 6Donated Relic Exhibition Hall

    The Seoul Museum of History is intended to be a museum of the people, meaning that its donated collections are exhibited and shared with the museum’s patrons in honor of the donors’ kindness.

  • 7Auditorium
  • 8Learning Room
  • 9Courtyard Rest Area
  • 10Conservation Science Division