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Gungisi Relics Exhibition Hall

Gungisi Relics Exhibition Hall image

Gungisi Relics Exhibition Hall

Gungisi Relics Exhibition Hall was built to preserve and exhibit artifacts discovered during the construction of a new Seoul City Hall building.
There are 590 discovered artifacts, including the Bullanggi Japo cannon (Treasure No. 861-2), in different cultural layers ranging from the early Joseon dynasty to the modern era.
In addition, there are 45 remains, including Gungisi, a building that produced weapons during the Joseon dynasty, and embankment stone walls.

Gungisi Relics Exhibition Hall restores the Gungisi site and embankment stone walls as they were discovered and exhibits major artifacts, such as the Bullanggi Japo cannon and Seungja Chongtong gun.
Visitors can watch videos and search the database for information by historical period and Gungisi relics in the excavated site, and experience various types of content related to Gungisi and weapons of the Joseon dynasty.

Museum Hours

9 AM – 8 PM (closed every last Sunday of the month, and on New Year’s Day, Seollal, Chuseok)

Admission Fee



B1F, Citizens Hall, 110 Sejong-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul


Citizens Hall Operation Team, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture (+82-2-739-9922), Seoul Museum of History (+82-2-724-0274~6)


Directions to the Gungisi Relics Exhibition Hall Map - Accessible via City Hall Station (lines 1 & 2); located at Seoul City Hall in Seoul Citizens Hall.