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Audio Guide

Ask free rental an audio-visual guide system at the lobby

How to use Audio Guide

1.Power button, 2.Volume button, 3.Earphone jack, 4.PREV(return to the previous number), 5.LCD screen, 6.Play/Pause, 7.NEXT(go to the next number), 8.Number selection button, 9.TXT button, 10.MODE button
How to use
  • To start using the device, press the (1. Power) button, and connect the earphone to the (5. Earphone Jack) Press (10. Language change) button to select a language and adjust the volume using the (2. Volume) button.
  • The wearer of the voice guidance device should press the content number of the corresponding exhibit (8. Number selection) to choose a particular exhibit, and then press (6. Play / Pause) button to play the exhibit’s overview. The name and number of the contents played are indicated on the LCD (3. LCD screen) screen.
  • To listen to the content according to the order number, press the (4. PREV or 7. NEXT) button.
  • If you want to pause during listening, press (6. Play / Pause) button to pause or replay.
  • If you make an error in selecting a number, press (9. CLEAR) button to delete the number.
  • Press the (1. Power) button for about 5 seconds to turn the device off.
Audio Guide Program
  • Visit the Information Desk on the first floor of the museum for a free audio guide rental which will give you audio commentary (in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) on each of the permanently exhibited and donated items.
  • How to rent: You need to submit your ID card and fill in an application form with basic information such as your name, mobile phone number, and the number of players to be rented.
  • How to return: Return your rented audio guide player(s) to Information Desk to retrieve your ID card.
    ※ Note: You cannot rent an audio guide player without your ID card.

Play with Your Smartphone in Exhibition Halls

  • The mobile exhibition hall is a service with which the museum provides information about exhibits through mobile devices.
  • The exhibition hall of the Seoul Museum of History has attached QR codes to exhibits. Scan the tags with your smart phone to get a description about each exhibit. The service is available in videos and sign language videos (in Korean).
  • Language Service: Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese
  • Exhibition Halls: Permanent Exhibition Hall, Exhibition Hall of Donations.