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The Permanent Exhibition Hall on the 3rd floor consists of Zone 1: Seoul of the Joseon Dynasty, Zone 2: Opening of Port, The Capital of the Daehan Empire, Zone 3: Seoul under Japanese Control, Zone 4: Development of Seoul, and a city model video room from the left in a clockwise direction with the stairs in the center. There is also a Museum Archive Road on the opposite side of Zone 3.

The Joseon Capital (Permanent Exhibition Zone 1)

Seoul of the Joseon Dynasty

Travel back in time to an era when Seoul was known as Hanyang, from just after the birth of the Joseon Dynasty to the modern era. Diverse relics collected from markets and Yukjo Street as well as major districts Bukchon, Jungchon, Namchon, and Seongjeosimni are on display in this zone.

The Capital of the Korean Empire (Permanent Exhibition Zone 2)

The Capital of the Daehan Empire

Live through one of Seoul’s most volatile periods - modernization. Witness the modern tools and increments that penetrated peoples’ lives amid an era of revolution and the threat of colonization.

Seoul under Japanese Control (Permanent Exhibition Zone 3)

Seoul under Japanese Control

After Korea’s annexation to Japan in 1910, Seoul was renamed ‘Gyeongseong.’ Experience the Korean people's struggle for independence and the dizzying pace of modernization.

Period of Rapid Growth Seoul (Permanent Exhibition Zone 4)

Development of Seoul

Look back over the last sixty years of Seoul’s history since the Korean War. It is a true rags to riches story. Seoul transformed itself from a pile of rubble into an international hub in little more than half a century.

Seoul, Now and Future

Seoul Panoramic Theater

The City Model Image Hall is situated on the third floor of the Seoul Museum of History. The room is equipped with the latest IT technology that overlooks a miniature model of Seoul. Experience contemporary and future Seoul.
A 1/1500 scale model of Seoul, titled Seoul, Now and in the Making (605.25㎢), is displayed in a 317.29㎡ space. The model itself measures 21.1m by 14.5m. You will literally be able to view the entire city at a glance.